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Have you ever been in a situation where your trusted large and preferred top end vendors just keep on sending you nice suits with nice powerpoints and fancy plans but you realize things never end up being finished? Costs are getting out of control, projects are facing “unexpected problems” and change request after changer requests are destroying the budget – and you realize you have not been on a drivers seat for a while now.

We have seen that happening – and frankly speaking – we have been feeling bad about all those companies who were forced to eat that stuff. And that is the reason we work differently. First of all – we usually are much cheaper from the very start (not because we sell ourselves cheap but because we have talented people who make things happen) and we tend to keep our budgets. This is our promise to our customers – no ugly surprises – we work to make your project to shine.



Project Management

We do projects – usually challenging ones – that need years of experience and leadership – not just ability to build GANTT-charts.

SW Architecture

Our SW Architects have years of experience from various platform and technologies. We are not paper tigers but experienced software professionals who are not afraid of jumping into development team if that’s what it takes to get things done.

SW Development

We split our development team into two groups – both having senior developers with years of experience. Our team in Finland has a possibility work at the customer site and our talented team in China can provide cost efficient development skills for AI and high performance solutions.

Over the years, while working for larger and smaller companies, we felt there were serious lack of companies with whom we wanted to work. So we made a company where we want to work and a company where we would like to buy services.

our Work

One day we will manage to do something we can publicly share. Until then just have a look at these pretty pictures 😀

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